How did Earth Living Festival Begin?

The Earth Living Festival (ELF) is a community celebration of Wellbeing, Art and Nature in Reading.

The festival was born in 2019, inspired by many dialogues with local people and groups, all of whom share the aspiration for Reading to become a livelier and more interconnected place culturally, with wellbeing at the heart of this movement.





















ELF 2019, Caversham Court Gardens


We are on the brink of burning out in all capacities, as individuals, communities and globally.


How to we shift this current narrative?

ELF explores different avenues into finding balance, by providing opportunities for participation and engagement in a wide range of activities. From yoga and soundbaths to storytelling and sustainable design; there is something for everyone to be inspired by.

Growing our understanding around the mind-body-soul through different felt-experiences creates a deeper, more compassionate connection to ourselves, and what it means to be a human being on this earth. This is paramount to shifting our awareness. All the activities at the festival have the potential to raise this vibration and bring us into greater consciousness. In fact just about every act in our lives holds that possibility; the wonder of a breath in...and out. When we become more aware, we can act from a place of wisdom, kindness and love. We can make different choices, implement small changes and continue to build a collaborative, sustainable community here in Reading.

All welcome. Family and children’s activities running throughout the weekend. This is an alcohol free event.


Alice (Alice May Yoga) has set up this inaugural festival in 2019 in Caversham Court Gardens, having previously organised a Yoga fundraiser on the site. She has project managed countless events in Reading with local arts organisation Outrider Anthems.

"This gathering is a space through which we can share, discover and find awe in both ancient and new expressions of the life force in us all. Join us in honouring wellbeing for ourselves as humans and that of our home; this sacred living planet."


- Alice Maureen May McGuigan

For details on Alice's classes, workshops and retreats please visit:

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Date TBA 2021









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