List of practitioners from ELF 2019


Alice May Yoga

Yoga & Gong


Alice is the founder of Earth Living Festival, with a vision of bringing together movement-makers and good-vibe innovators. Her classes are a creative fusion of various Yoga practices, and they often draw upon primal/non-linear movements, breath mechanics and mobility as sources of inspiration.


“I will be teaming up with Paul from Gong Space for a sound-inspired practice, inviting you to let go and experience a state of intuitive fluidly. We are really excited to share Yoga & Gong with some of you at the festival!”


Yana Lutsy.jpg

Yana Lutsy

Wake Up Yoga


Yana Lutsy is a yoga teacher & humanitarian who is dedicated to spreading light around the world through service & yoga. Her love for yoga started with Asana practice 10 years ago, & slowly grew into a deep desire to help those in vulnerable environments, less fortunate than ourselves. This began with offering support to orphanages in Ukraine, campaigning and collecting donations.


william henderson.jpg

William Henderson



William started acroyoga in 2014, & has since taught workshops around the globe & started the acroyoga community in Reading in 2017.  He now runs a beginners class & intermediate class in Reading, runs workshops in various venues & can provide private sessions.


Come and Fly! We will warm up with a fun game.  Everyone is welcome, no prior acro experience is needed.  You will get the opportunity to fly, base, spot, laugh & make new friends.  We will finish with some Thai massage or therapeutic acroyoga.  WARNING! Addiction May Occur.


Tankata Drummers



An African Drumming performance  focusing on Djembe and Dun Duns.

Tankata Drummers are a community focused group that support many charities and events in Reading.

"The instruments we play are lovely carved and created in West Africa by some of the top carvers in the world helping to support many talented people."


Jo Hanks

Hatha Yoga


Founder of  GOYM Yoga, Jo has been teaching hatha yoga for 9years. "I love working with balance & strength, while using the breath to focus moving through the postures, helping to calm a busy mind & bring the awareness back within, creating space in body & mind for breathwork & meditation. 

I can’t wait to get on the mat with you all for a fab hatha yoga practice. We will enjoy breathwork, creative sequencing, I'll weave in some yogic philosophy plus there'll be a great playlist - see you on the mat!"


Instruments of Gold

Sound Bath


We are a group of sound practitioners who came together in December 2018 with a common vision and purpose: to use our gifts and skills to bring people together in shared intentional spaces to experience the power of sound as therapy.

Sound heals. That means it brings us back into balance; into resonance.
Sound moves in us and through us. It goes deep and carries us along on that journey. It offers us meaningful timeout with no effort on your part!

We create spaces for you, and hold them, as you journey through sound immersion. We use gongs, drums, singing bowls, voice, amongst other tools. You simply come & relax. Trust the process and let a world of sacred sound envelop you.

We look forward to meeting you.


Richard Bentley

Soundscape Walks

11:45-12:45 & 16:45-17:45

Richard is a sound artist whose work draws on various sound art and contemplative practices to explore soundscape and interior stillness.


His current doctoral research focuses on urban quiet spaces. He is also the convener and facilitator of Two River’s (Buddhist) Sangha in Reading, practicing in the Plum Village tradition.


Belly Dancing Show


"My name is Cherie, I am a professional performer, teacher and choreographer of Oriental and Egyptian dance based in Berkshire.

We have created an outstanding belly dance show for Earth Living
Festival which will include group and solo performances to a mixture of Modern
and Classical styles of belly
dance, Dynamic Drums solos and Latin Fusion. Including sensational prop work such as fan veils, Isis Wings, Cane, Silk Veils, veil poi and LED light Isis wings."


Sophie Hale

Mini Crochet Workshop 11:45-12:45 

Sophie is a Knitting & Crochet enthusiast that lives onboard a narrowboat. Setting up 'A Boat Full of Wool' in 2017 her mission is to get as many people inspired & involved in the Arts & Crafts movement in general &, as well as the Workshops she runs, she also teaches in Primary Schools weekly & is the Crochet Tutor at Basingstoke College of Technology.


Sophie regularly holds Workshops in on-trend Crochet, Arm knitting, Knitting as well as her Children's Workshops. 


Gong Space & Didgeridreams

Gong and Didgeridoo Bath


Paul shares the remarkable sounds and energies of the planetary gongs through festival performances, theatrical, private and public events. At a surface level, many people find the gong experience deeply relaxing. In sound healing, gongs are recognised as the most powerful tool available. It can also support the mind; as a catalyst for deep reflection, self realisation, inner growth, and transformation.

Paul with be collaborating with Danny (Didgerdreams) to bring you this sound bath at the festival.


Elise Beechen

Kundalini Yoga

8:00 -9:00

A patient and enthusiastic teacher Elise is deeply fascinated by the many physical and psychological benefits of Yoga and is keen to share her knowledge and experience. She will be guiding our early morning Kundalini session at the festival which generally fuses Pranayama, Asana, Mudra and Mediation.


"When I teach a Yoga class one of my main aims is for the students to leave the class feeling better, this could be physically in their bodies, more peaceful in their minds or even just generally feeling more positive about their lives.”


Jennifer Leach ~ Outrider Anthems

Spoken Word

19:15 - 20:00

Jennifer is a poet, writer, storyteller, filmmaker and changemaker. She is director of arts organisation Outrider Anthems and worked with Alice to bring Festival of the Dark to Reading in 2017. She believes that story - in all its forms - is an instrument of understanding, growth and change. Jennifer is also an active member of Extinction Rebellion.



Carly Louise

Big Dog Little Dog


Children's Storytelling


Carly  started going to yoga classes as a teenager. She discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2002. In 2016 Carly completed a 300 hour Ashtanga & Yin Yoga teacher training course in London & also trained to teach Big Dog Little Dog Yoga to children aged between 4 and 8 (Little Dogs) and their parent/carer (Big Dogs).


In 2019 Carly co-founded The Great Little Yoga Company with friend & fellow yogi mumma Gemma to offer high quality yoga classes & amazing yoga parties to children & young people.


Carly teaches yoga to adults & children in & around Oxfordshire & Berkshire. She also loves Qi Gong, walking her dog, swimming and practicing cartwheels with her young daughter Rosa.


Ami Roy.jpg

Ami Roy

Hatha Yoga


Ami Roy - "I was born and raised in India before moving to the UK 14 years ago. Yoga has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I teach traditional hatha yoga and meditiation and try to live my life based on all that I draw from a deep personal yoga practice of over 25 years.  I am part of the Traditional Yoga Association founded by the wonderful Swami Ambikananda Saraswati." 


Karen French

Sacred Geometry


Archetypal symbolism, especially sacred geometry, is my specialty. I am an international, best-selling author, speaker & conceptual artist. Blending the power of geometry, colours, materials & intent my Alchemical Art changes the viewer. 


My talks are interactive, explaining &demonstrating the purposes of geometry without any complex mathematics.


Claire Hutchins

Kids Yoga

10:30 -11:30

Hi, my name is Claire Hutchins and I love to bring my two loves of teaching music and yoga together.

Chillax Kids yoga provides children a fun and joyful class that follows 7 steps of Mini Me Yoga to  encourage the union of the body and mind.


Please find me on Facebook: Chillax Kids 




Anna Higgs

Hula Hoop 


& 19:15- 20:00

Come to this playful workshop to learn/remember how to waist hoop & find your flow with on and off-body moves. 



Anna first learnt to waist hoop at the tender age of 43! She is passionate about teaching hoop tricks & dance to beginners of all ages.


Helen Buley

Healthy Me & Longevity 16:45-17:45 

As a nature lover I naturally gravitated towards a vegan plant based diet, particularly when experiencing challenges with digestion and energy levels. Initially following an unhealthy vegan diet, I soon discovered the alkaline diet and wild tonic herbs which changed my health completely!


I am excited to share my story.


Sarah Macdonald

Gentle Yoga


My classes are designed to revitalise your body, calm your mind, open your heart and leave you feeling strong, peaceful and positive – on and off the mat.

The class being shared at the festival, is a gentle yoga class connecting movement and breath to unite body, mind and soul. Suitable for all levels.


The Great Little Yoga Company

Kids Yoga


The Great Little Yoga Company offers fun yoga class for young people and children  bringing energy, creativity, movement, connection and calm.


Yoga is our superpower.


Dr Naomi Middleton

Looking after your Emotional Wellbeing 11:45-12:45 

Naomi is a Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Teacher, specialising in the field of clinical health psychology, working with people who have chronic or long-term health conditions. She has a specialist interest in acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness & self-compassion. Her interest in mind-body connect led to a personal yoga practice halfway through her doctoral training. She is qualified as a hatha vinyasa & yin yoga teacher & is passionate about bringing the physical body into psychological care. 


She works part time in the NHS and part time teaching mindfulness based yoga classes. 


Adam Roe

Mindful Crafting 


I’m on a mission to help everyone make space for creativity!


Mindfulness and creativity go hand in hand, with one enhancing the other. 


In this class, each person is given their own space to craft. 


Meditation, simple natural materials and abstract art allows everyone to play with their inner genius.


Matt Hernandez- Green

Acro Yoga




"Matt shares his journey of connecting with self and others in teaching acroyoga, handstands, and yoga.

Playful movement with others via acroyoga and the challenge of handstands is his passion, both of which he will be sharing with you during the festival.


Come and try something new, no expectations, just to explore and have fun!"


Erica Purvis

Technical Nature Interactive Stand

TechnicalNature helps organisations, businesses, startups and campaigns to design sustainable solutions & business models. Connecting products, with human nature & strategy for positive impact.  

Alongside showcasing approaches to sustainable design for products, organisations and lifestyle. Erica will be running an interactive stall exploring "Material Values" in & around Reading. Mapping the material flows in and out of Reading and the businesses, campaigns, NGO's, and products that support sustainable consideration and even regeneration of our resources for all. It will be collaboratively built on throughout the day and hopefully further to be a lasting open resource to built upon for the community!


Raise the Bar Bootcamp



Becky and Kate, personal trainers, started Raise the Bar Bootcamps just one year ago.



Alongside running Raise the Bar, Becky is an Art and Movement Psychotherapist and Kate is a busy mum of 3 young boys. Together, they are hugely passionate about supporting people from all walks of life to find a love for fitness and keeping healthy, both physically and mentally.



To support their goals, they created a supportive fitness community of dedicated fitness lovers, students, mums, dads, grandparents and everything in between. They train outdoors, because you can’t beat looking after your mind and body whilst weight training under the stars or as the sun rises or sets.


Natalie Ganpatsingh

Mindful Mouse Walk  


Wild Workout


Philosopher, artist and Forest School Leader on a mission  to connect urban communities with the nature on their doorstep.


Natalie believes that connecting people with the wild spaces within our towns and cities is crucial to building strong, happy, healthy communities who care about each other and the environment.


Her Pride of Reading Award winning social enterprise,  Nature Nurture CIC collaborates with the conservation, heritage, health and education sectors to achieve positive outcomes for people and the planet.


Natalie will be guiding the Mindful Mouse and Wild Workouts at the festival, along with her team who will be running the Wild Art children's tent throughout the day.


Antonella Carraro

Yin Yoga


Since starting teaching yoga, my classes have diversified and grown. I now teach a variety of styles, from Yin and Restorative to Hatha and Vinysasa Flow.


Each class is a different experience and an opportunity to learn more about the body's energies and movement functionalities. It's a fascinating journey, always new and fresh, I'm loving it!

Anne Latto

Master Storytelling


After many years of theatre work and storytelling and University theses in oral culture Anne now especially enjoys retelling tales drawn from folk stories; these often relate the spiritual journey of the heroine as she navigates her way through the forest to achieve her hearts desire.


Anne is happy to to be contacted about events that could include performances of storytelling.

Vikki Major YOga


13:00 - 14:00

Vikki specialises in Yoga (12 years) & Qigong (having completed a training with Mimi Kuo Deemer), and teaches classes in Reading & Earley. She believes these practices "expand our capacity for being more grounded, balanced and centred." Vikki will be leading a Qigong class at the festival; this is a Chinese energy cultivation technique which exercises the body and regulates the breath. It is one of the pillars of Chinese Medicine and helps create the potential for Chi to move more freely through the body.

Sophie Cleere- Yoga Reading Founder

Functional Flow


Sophie has been teaching yoga since 2009 and took her first class at the age of 17. Her main discipline has been Ashtanga Yoga making countless trips to Mysore India.
In recent years Sophie has developed her learning and teaching to include different forms of yoga and movement including Iyengar Yoga, Feldenkrais and FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and strength training.
She loves to teach outside of the box and empower the practitioner to enjoy their body in movement.

Sophie is the founder of Yoga Reading- a thriving community based near Caversham. YR are sponsoring the Earth Living Festival.



Tessa Sanderson

Mother & Daughter Circle

13:00 - 14:00

Cyclical Wisdom

18:00 - 19:00

Tessa specialises in Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga. She has been running a Red Tent (women's circle) for over four years now and teaches menstrual cycle awareness to both women and girls.

“I am passionate about supporting girls to be confident about the physical changes that will happen so that their self-esteem and body sovereignty is high.”

Tessa will be running the Red Tent at the festival and two workshops: Cyclical Wisdom and a Mother & Daughter circle (8- 12 years olds with mums).





Darren Brock

Water Wizardy

18:00 - 19:00

The Water Wizardry Workshop aims to educate and raise awareness on the importance of water that we use and put into or bodies. Darren will discuss the effects of tap water and the bottled water industry, the importance of water in nature and its protection. Sharing solutions to improve the water we use at all levels.

‘I saved my Gallbladder through liver and gallbladder cleanses and a complete change in diet and lifestyle- I share my story with others to help raise awareness about the importance of our connection to nature.”


Maggie B's Crafts

Silk Painted Cards


I enjoy craft activities myself and having run an after school craft club at a local primary school and a number of craft workshops for adults I would like to continue sharing this enjoyment with others. Craft activities are great for parties, for social gatherings, for fundraising, for corporate team building and for wellbeing. They are multi-generational. My favourite workshop is a Silk Painting Card Workshop, however I have a flexible approach and would be happy to run events involving a variety of crafts.


The Butterfly Wheel

Live Music

18:00 - 19:00

The Butterflywheel are a mystical female artist duo, their music is both ethereal and powerful, inspired by nature and spirit , their songs are haunting and shamanic prayers to the earth and to encourage awareness and Union within the individual listener and the audience.

They have recently released an ep, wisdoms waters and are currently writing more songs inspired by the rise of the feminine and their visits to sacred lands and waters.


Alfie Griffin Music

Live Music

15:30 - 16:30

Folk and Alternative music from a Reading- based singer songwriter.

Check out Alfie Griffin Music on YouTube.


Transfrome Reading Uk



TransforME is a mind body soul centred fitness community all over Reading. Their mission is to help women get fitter, healthier, more united, & to understand how loved, enough, & perfect they are.

Some of the team will be running their infamously energetic Pounfit class in the open space at the festival.


Julie LeFevre

Bee Skep Making

10:30 - 11:30

Julie is a practising artist working in a range of media, including sculpture, ceramics, installation, print and mixed media, creating work for exhibition.

Julie is passionate about nature and in support of the resurgence in natural bee keeping she makes bee skeps using traditional methods.  Bee skeps are ancient bee hives that are still being used in some cultures. In the UK they went out of favour when the wooden hive was developed and so were mostly used by beekeepers to gather swarms. As the crisis in honey bee populations intensified, beekeepers began to look at more traditional and natural ways of keeping bees and the extraction of honey considered secondary to the welfare of the bees.  This ancient craft is becoming more popular and there is a demand for workshops across the UK.


Helen Dobson

Power Flow

16:45 - 17:45

Helen  teaches dynamic flowing classes, drawing on a range of yoga styles and
inviting students to explore the strength and freedom yoga offers, in a spirit of play. Her personal movement experience spans martial arts (which she also teaches), a new acroyoga addiction, weight lifting, snowboarding, dance and horse riding.


Bollywood Dance Worldwide Uk

Bollywood Dancing Workshop


We teach bollywood dance to all ages and levels- come and join us at the festival to learn how!


@Bollywood Dance Worldwide, Reading

Film Screening

Tawai - Bruce Parry Film

20:15 - 22:00

A Bruce Parry Film.


Tawai is a word the nomadic hunter gatherers of Borneo use to describe the connection they feel to their forest home. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, Bruce Parry (of the BBC's Tribe, Amazon & Arctic) embarks on an immersive odyssey to explore the different ways that humans relate to nature and how this influences the way we create our societies. From the forests of the Amazon and Borneo to the River Ganges and Isle of Skye, Tawai is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself.

Hosted by multi-media artist,James Murray- White @sky_larking



Petal The Bubble Maker

Join our fairy, Petal, for this interative walk for children- be prepared to be captivated!

@The Enchanted Players Theatre Company EPTC

Wellbeing, Creativity & Nature


"Let us acknowledge the value of wellbeing for ourselves as humans, for other living things, and for our home; this sacred living planet."





Date TBA 2021









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