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Public Statement written Wednesday 25th March 2020 in response to COVID-19:

Dear ELF Family,


We are sending you all kind thoughts and hope that each of you has the support and positive connections to help you through this period of change.


Much has shifted in the last week, and we have all needed time to sit with our thoughts as to the future of Earth Living Festival. Originally we had planned to postpone the festival until early September. However, upon further reflection, we have made the tricky decision to not run ELF this year and wait until 2021.


We know this is disappointing news, however there are many reasons for this decision. Given the uncertainty of the current situation, none of us know when large public gatherings will be possible again. When they are, there will be lots of events all happening at once, which puts enormous pressure on everyone. There are many high-vibe events in store for late summer/autumn. We want to support our brothers and sisters by sharing their gatherings with you, which are longstanding in the community at that time of year.


The Earth Living Festival was founded upon connecting our community here in Reading to the value of wellbeing, art and nature. One thing that’s become very clear, is how committed everyone is to bringing their offerings online; we’ve seen art, yoga, fitness, dance, music classes, virtual festivals and so much more pop up over the last week. And we are so inspired by you all!


We may not have an in-person festival to offer, however we DO have many ideas on how we can bring the community together through a virtual platform, along with some cosier offerings later this year. More on that to come…


On a practical note, everyone who has bought a ticket will be refunded. If you have paid a deposit for a stall please get in touch for a refund.


Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our thoughts and blessings go out to all of you. Please reach out to your communities if you feel lonely or unwell. There are so many acts of kindness being shared and there is always someone willing to help you. It’s amazing how much happiness a bit of sun and one phone conversation can bring.


Big virtual hugs to you all,


Team ELF x

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