List of Stallholders 2019

Bench Rest 

Our mission is to make good quality, great tasting food. To us, that is only possible by paying as much attention to the ingredients we source as to the execution of our recipes.​ 

We go the extra mile to support local suppliers.

We also aim at keeping our carbon footprint and single use plastics to the absolute minimum. And if that weren't enough, we are passionate about offering plenty of plant-based alternatives in our menus.


Shakti Kitchen

Shakti Kitchen are Chloe and Sarada, Oxford locals with a passion for nourishing plant-based food that is not only conscious but also delicious!

We love the pleasure of sharing food together - it`s all about enjoyment and connection!


Our priorities are freshness, flavour and ethical choices. Supremely healthy, seasonal, organic and locally sourced, our culinary creations are always prepared with love, heart and soul.


Bare Bread 

Natural, organic & good quality ingredients, which when combined & allowed to develop over time through the fermentation process create aromas, flavours & bread which is enjoyable & easier to digest.


Why bread? "Bread is my go to when I am hungry, actually just when I want something to eat! It is great on its own & secondly it goes with so many different other foods either centre stage or as an accompaniment. Plus, there are so many different types from across the globe."


Anonymous Coffee

Anonymous Coffee Co. is a locally owned & operated independent coffee company serving expertly crafted, freshly roasted coffee with a personal touch.

Our mission…to make good quality, great tasting coffee easy to enjoy and to help do some good in the process. 

We want to have as little impact on the environment as possible so we choose who we work with very carefully, building relationships with local producers & social enterprises, & using natural and organic products wherever possible.


All of our packaging is compostable and we are working towards becoming plastic free.

So, whether you want to grab a flat white on the go or sit in and watch the world go by whilst discovering something new we look forward to welcoming you on our journey…


La Petite Bouche Bakery

'La petite bouche' means 'the little mouth' in French. And that's all you need to enjoy our bite-size cakes.

Choose from our wide range of sweet treats to build your tailor-made box of dainty deliciousness. 

Why have just one cake when you can have many?


Krua Koson

Krua Koson offers high quality Thai street food for festivals, markets and social events.


All our ingredients are fresh, & our tasty food brings together all the flavours of Thailand such as sweet, sour and salty, with just enough spice.


Raw Food Dude

Hi, I'm the Raw food dude. I really believe that healthy food and drinks should be accessible wherever you are, I want to make market meals and festival food healthy, delicious, and free of intolerances so that everybody can enjoy. My team and I make a variety of fresh juices and smoothies which will be on offer at the festival.

Fresh juices can work to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate. They contain a wide spectrum of nutrients and essential sugars. Superfoods such as chlorella, bee pollen and goji berries have a much higher density of nutrients and contain unusual properties which are hard to find elsewhere.



I am a self taught baker with a passion for all things food related. I am inspired by big flavours, high quality ingredients and seasonal produce.

Enjoy KB's veggie and vegan tartlets at the festival!


 Chakra Project UK

Chakra Foundation is a Charitable Trust working to change lives of the underprivileged girls in Kashmir in North India through training, development and empowerment of those girls who haven't had a chance or in most cases not given a chance to go to any schools to have the opportunity to have any education.


Chakra Foundation has a charitable school The School of Healing Arts, which focuses on building resilience through the skill development of the women in Kashmir and the preservation of traditional handmade skills. 

The women are encouraged to empower themselves by self-love, education and training in new skills, and to understand the art of creativity and self-help to move themselves from the position of vulnerability and uncertainty to a position of growth and sustainability and to fulfill their common, economic and social need.

Sue Reminyi- A bee keepers and her hives

Mapledurham Gym

Red Tent

Nature Nurture

Infinity Acro

Sacred Geometry Books


Henna Tattoos


Here are the amazing stall holders who will be joining us at the festival! 


Basket of Treasures

Usborn Books

Tropic Skincare

Gabriel’s Wellbing and Education

The True Alchemy

Liminal11 publishing

Jane Lancaster’s Jewellery


Reflex Spinal Health

Upcycled Clothing from Abbie Louise

A Boat Full of Wool

Water Wizardry

Planted Skincare

Alkaline Diet

Inspired.Life Yoga

TCV Berkshire

Weleda Natural Products

Hilary Capers Ceramics

Technical Nature

Laura Routh-Parsons - The Wellbeing Feeling

Jane Doyle- The Quiet Way

Rachel Hannah Therapy

Infinity Acro Wristbands




Date TBA 2021









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