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We're not out of the woods yet... so hug a tree!

Earth Living Festival (ELF) Founder, Alice, was walking in Clayfield Copse last week wondering if she could overcome the isolation skin hunger through a nurturing mama nature tree hug- and it worked! Turns out that hugging trees is actually very grounding (and we're not the only ones who think so- see what Icelanders are doing!). That very same day Alice received an email from Berks Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trusts (BBOWT) announcing that they are losing out on the vital income needed in order to preserve and sustain what they do. Education centres and reserves that would have bought in revenue are all closed, lots of employers have now been furlouged and membership figures have been decreasing since the pandemic.

Consulting Team ELF and her wise elders, we came up with the idea of a tree hugathon to help raise funds for BBOWT.

It's simple. Hug a tree, it's free, donate £3 and nominate 3.

The spirit of giving has been here all week since the 2.6 challenge last Sunday. If you want to take part but are you're challenged by the idea of a long hearty hug, then perhaps just go for 26 seconds, breathing deeply. You might be surprised. We'd recommend sticking with your new barky friend for longer though, (the folks over in Icleand recommend at least 5 mins for full tree Qi!).

Other Ideas:

  • While hugging the tree you may like to think about something you are grateful for in nature.

  • After hugging- identify your tree

  • Why not make a day of it - hug & identify 26 trees?!

  • Hug a tree with someone you are living with (linking arms)


Take a picture and tag us @earthlivingfestival

#hugatreeitsfree #treehugathon #elfhug #heartyhugs #bbowt

Bonus points for creative tree-embracing pics.

Many of us have been enjoying going out for long walksand spending more time in nature recently- here is a way to show your appreciation for our living planet and the efforts of BBOWT in sustaining all the wild beauty around us.


Happy hugging,

Team ELF X

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